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Rochester Fire Department rescues man from drowning in Genesee River



Rochester, New York – On Sunday, a man was struggling to keep afloat in the Genesee River on St. Paul Street near Andrews Street in Rochester.

Shortly after 2 a.m., crews with the Rochester Fire Department responded to the scene. According to firefighters, the man was struggling to keep his head above water and appeared to be extremely fatigued.

Firefighters threw a floating rescue rope to the individual and were able to pull him to the edge of the river. The RFD said this portion of the Genesee River has vertical concrete walls that are approximately 20 feet tall. Other RFD companies upon their arrival quickly placed ladders over the railing and down into the river.

“Once the ladders were in place, two firefighters from Rescue 11 descended and secured the individual keeping his head above water,” the RFD said. “At this point with the victim safely in the grasp of the firefighters, a rope harness was lowered down and placed onto the victim. Other firefighters on the scene quickly pulled the victim up the wall and onto the walkway where AMR medics administered care.”

According to the RFD, the man was semi-conscious and responsive.

At this time, there’s been no word yet on how the man ended up in the river.