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Rochester Fashion Week is back



Rochester, New York – For the first time, The Rochester Fashion Week shows will take place at the Rochester Public Market.

The two events are set for Thursday, May 19 at 6 p.m. and Friday, May 20 at 6 p.m. Tickets are sold out.

Elaine Spaull, co-producer of the show and executive director for Center for Youth says, all funds go towards the center, to support violence prevention programs and aid for homeless youth.

According to Spaull, the tragedy of Buffalo is certainly on everyone’s minds, heading into Fashion Week. But she wants these nights to be about togetherness, and a space for youth to inspire good. “We have to practice love and compassion and get radical about that,” said Spaull.

Spaull says violence happens most days in the city of Rochester. “We had six shootings on Mother’s Day we, have a need, to do this and so this isn’t unique,” she said.

Rahkim Hill, a young black designer of Rochester created the brand Swankos Smoothy during the pandemic two years ago. He says he wants to inspire other young people to get creative and put their energy into spreading peace. “Practicing love, like she said practice, practice, and pushing it to our community is big, hopefully, we can reach our youth so they don’t grow up with hate,” Hill said.

According to Hill, the community can expect a unique twist from their brand this week. “People can see what we are about, we are a different entity nobody ever felt,” Hill said. “Some different music, rhythms, and some dancing.”