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Rochester eye experts caution against unsafe eclipse viewing



Rochester, New York – Ocular specialists caution against possible problems from hazardous eclipse watching.

Physicians at Cornerstone Eye Associates are educating their patients before the eclipse.

“I think most of us know we shouldn’t look directly at the sun like in a regular day,” said Dr. Priya Gupta. “An eclipse kind of lures us into a false sense of security.”

People should be aware of the possible risks associated with viewing the eclipse without the appropriate eye protection, according to Dr. Gutpa. Among them are solar retinopathy and photokeratitis.

“The front of the eye, which is the cornea, and the top layer of the cornea: the epithelium, can be really susceptible to this type of energy.” said Gupta. “Unfortunately the retina can be a little less hearty than the cornea which can regrow but the retina does not.”

Cornerstone Eye Associates owner Dr. Steve Park claims that after a certain amount of sun exposure, a person can cross “the point of no return.”

“There’s no fix. There’s no cure. So the game is in prevention, said Dr. Park. “You need something this strong to protect the eye. Sunglasses are not going to work. Binoculars or multiple pairs of glasses are not going to be accurate.”

By ISO (International Standards Organization) standard 12312-2, which established the proper light sensitivity for eclipse-viewing glasses, both doctors advise wearing certified eclipse-viewing glasses. Dr. Park advised against placing other lenses or gadgets in front of them and to check that they are free of scratches to avoid inefficiency or light leaking in and harming the lenses.