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Robots to help in area restaurants



Rochester, New York — Foodservice robots were put into action Monday at Henrietta Restaurant Supply.

According to the CEO of Restaurant Conextions, Gene Trotta, the robots can deliver food to tables and use elevators to help places remain efficient if understaffed.

The robots can carry up to 80 pounds, can memorize floor plans and stop in place when 20 feet away from a person, and can even sing and dance.

“These robots can deliver right to your table and help the waitress and waiters take those orders and go back and forth from bussing to delivering,” said Trotta.

The robots were created to help revolutionize the restaurant business while helping places in need of extra hands.

“There are so many factors that have affected the restaurant business and there have been very few solutions. You can pay these people as much as you want but some people don’t want to do some of these jobs. The robots are a solution to that,” Trotta said.

One of the local establishments considering implementing food service robots in its area restaurants is The Distillery Sports Bar & Grill.

“We are not looking at it to replace people, per say, we are looking at it to enhance the experience,” said vice president of operations at The Distillery, Randy Slifer.

“Our staff members would probably be able to handle a larger number of tables because of the efficiency of the robotics. They would be able to interact more with the customers without having to physically go in and out of the kitchen,” Slifer added.

The robots might also be put to work in other industries such as hospitals or cleaning companies.

“These robots are doing jobs that people can’t fill right now,” Trotta said.

Before determining if it wants to use them The Distillery says it plans to do a test run of the robotics.

The robots cost about half of what an employee would cost for a year, Trotta said.