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Record voter turnout to start early voting in Monroe County



Rochester, New York — On the first day of early voting in Monroe County More than 1,200 voters cast their ballots.

Early voting started slowly at Sibley Square in Rochester.

Just a little more than two hours after early voting kicked off, Tyrone Morris was the 10th person to cast his ballot.

“I wanted to experience this with my daughter because I am a millennial,” said Morris. “I think it’s important for us to vote and know why we are voting, and it’s important for us to engage in activities like this because we do have the power to make sure there’s a change that we want.”

Rep. Joe Morelle also took advantage of early voting to support his son, Joe Morelle Jr., who is running for Irondequoit town supervisor.

According to Morelle, local elections are the most crucial for people’s day-to-day lives.

“We are at the Irondequoit Town Library, something that was built within the last few years,” Morelle explained. “This is a decision made by the local government about where they wanted their resources invested. DPW garage, we have a brand new one. And the Irondequoit Community Center. Those things happen at the local level. They are really important to the quality of life, so we really try to encourage people. Please, please, we know it doesn’t get national attention but this is important for you and your family.”

Rochester’s future is the main reason that motivates Morris to vote early.

“Knowing who our mayor is and whatever decisions the mayor will make,” said Morris. “I want to be at all of the meetings, and I just want to learn the community and not just be a part of the community. I just learn everything going on in the community.”

Early voting continues leading up to the general election on Nov. 2. Only 0.25% of active voters have cast their ballots so far.