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RCSD tries to address school violence



Rochester, New York — The Rochester City School District surveys parents in an effort to address violence at its high schools.

Parents could decide if police will be part of the plan at a superintendent’s conference day where the topic will be the recent violence in schools.

All parents and staff were asked whether or not they would support having police outside certain schools.

According to RCSD parent Stacia Dennis, he received the email and voted yes in support of having officers outside of schools. “I feel like having the officers there, It helps. It just helps. It doesn’t make it any worse,” said Dennis.

The school board tabled a proposal on whether or not to spend $78,000 for the police presence during arrival and dismissal times.

A school board member, Amy Maloy, says she supports the proposal. “I think that if you have the presence of that type of security, I think people do think twice about whether or not they are going to bring weapons onto our campus at the start of the day or the end of the day,” said Maloy.

Antonia Wynter, Franklin High School graduate, and RCSD parent says she is still undecided. “I don’t know how effective it is going to be if they are outside the building,” said Wynter. “To not put them back in the schools but put them outside. I don’t understand what is the goal here and with all this money being spent. It’s problematic when there could be money put into the youth programs that prevent them from committing the violent acts they say they are committing in the first place.”

According to the district, the survey results will be considered during the board’s vote. The vote will happen Tuesday, Nov. 9. The results from the survey are expected to come back within a few days.

A plan to meet with lawmakers to seek help on the issue was developed by superintendent Dr. Lesli Myers Small.