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Rallies for women’s rights on the Fourth of July in Rochester and Geneseo



Rochester, New York – Women in Rochester and Geneseo walked for their rights after the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade while many celebrated their freedom Monday.

Around noon, demonstrators in Rochester gathered to march in support of women’s access to abortions and reproductive care. The walk began at the Susan B. Anthony’s House and finished at City Hall.

According to organizers, this was a peaceful march to show solidarity for those who do not have the same rights as New York residents.

“We’re here to march to say this isn’t right,” said Raquel Daley. “You’re just trying to control us. We’re not livestock. We’re people. And people can make their decisions and need their decisions and need their voices heard.”

While some say more personal reasons brought them out, others in Geneseo were showing their solidarity for women from other states.

“I never thought that Roe v. Wade would fall and I feel devastated for women in other states who are having to consider what to do,” Sarah Williams said.

According to coordinators, they hope those participating in rallies can meet others who share their values and learn more about what they can do to make a change going forward.