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Racial graffiti including the N-word found in Rochester school bathroom, students speak out



Rochester, New York – While majority of Americans are fighting racism in every type and form, schools are expected to remain places where children and young people are thought about the real values in life and avoid racism in their lives.

Unfortunately, for time-to-time racial incidents happen in schools despite all the efforts by the teachers, principals, parents of students and everyone involved in the teaching process.

On Monday, racial graffiti including the N-word appeared in a Rochester school bathroom and students immediately reacted clearly showing they are against racism in schools.

According to multiple reports, the police are investigating the incident that took place at Our Lady of Mercy while the students gathered outside the school to speak out against racism.

The racial graffiti included the N-word and a message that read, “Get our or else.”

Tuesday morning students gathered to deliver their message:

“I think I was shocked to the degree it was,” said student Janaa Smith. “We definitely have issues. I’m not surprised there was use of the N word, but I think to threaten other students was something I wasn’t expecting.”

“We have made some progress, but this feels like a setback,” she said.

According to the school officials, the school was opened during the weekend for off-school and sports activities. At this point, it remains unknown who is responsible for the racial graffiti while the police are conducting investigation.

School leaders say they’re offering counseling, and plan to hold other meetings, events, and diversity training.

The police are seeking help in identifying the suspect and asked everyone with information about the incident to call 911 or the Brighton Police Department.

We will update the story once more information is released.