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Protesters demonstrate against the possibility of a ban on abortion drugs as the Supreme Court gets ready to hear the case



Rochester, New York – In Rochester, campaigners held a rally in support of the medicine mifepristone on Sunday, just before the oral arguments in a case brought before the Supreme Court about the pill.

Protesters in Rochester flocked to the streets to voice their opposition to the possibility of mifepristone being banned, as the future of the medicine is now uncertain. Before joining them, Steve Eisinger worked as an OB-GYN.

“I’m hoping that someone has the wit and courage and ability to present good data to the court so they could make an appropriate decision,” said Eisinger. “It would be a blow to good health care for women, so I’m hoping for a different outcome of course.”

Eisinger stated that he researched mifepristone before the FDA approved it for use in medical abortions in the year 2000. He stated that he is against a ban that would apply across the entire country.

To prevent the medicine from being sold, the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, which is comprised of pro-life campaigners, has filed a challenge against the FDA’s clearance of the treatment. It is anticipated that the Supreme Court will listen to oral arguments regarding the subject on Tuesday.

In a statement, Anne LeBlanc, who serves as the chair of New York State Right to Life, expressed her opposition to the availability of the medicine.

“There are so many alternatives,” said LeBlanc “There are pregnancy centers that stand ready and willing to help any woman that walks through the door to find resources to help her.”

The demonstrators in Rochester, meanwhile, are concerned about the possibility of a ban. It has been fifty years since Carole Hoffman, a resident of Penfield, began advocating for the legalization of abortion.

“We need abortion for all,” said Hoffman. “I can’t believe in New York we’re still fighting this battle. I’d say my grandchildren would benefit from it.”