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Pediatric COVID hospitalizations more than doubled statewide



Rochester, New York — Pediatric COVID cases have increased from 22 to 109 from the week of December 5 to the week of December 19, according to the state.

70 cases were reported the week of December 5. 184 were reported the week of December 19.

Dr. Stephen Cook says at Golisano Children’s Hospital, we have not seen that jump yet. The number of COVID cases in the children’s hospital has been stable.

“If you’re in a county that’s south of here where the vaccination rates are much lower, as adult cases go up, pediatric cases will go up,” said Cook.

Cook says the Omicron variant hasn’t been detected yet in pediatric patients in Monroe County but Rochester could see similar rates as New York City if COVID cases continue to rise.

“This strain is far more contagious than the previous strain. So even if it’s less severe, but you have ten times as many cases, some people will still get a bad case and those cases will still get admitted,” he said.

Golisano Children’s Hospital did not disclose how many pediatric COVID patients are vaccinated. In Monroe County, 31.9% of the 5 to 11 age group is vaccinated.

“It’s not a matter of hiding and sheltering it from [COVID], let’s use this protective measure in place and now is the time to get it before we do start to see a surge,” sad Cook. “My daughter got her vaccine and did fine, she was a little tired after her first dose, with her second dose she did just great actually.”