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Pedestrian killed in fatal drunk driving crash in Rochester



Rochester, New York — A driver is facing charges following a fatal pedestrian crash in Rochester earlier this week.

On Monday afternoon, a 51-year-old, Lonnie Gandues, was driving drunk in his personal car when he hit Khadijah Stanley, 27, on Hudson Avenue and Wilkins Street, according to police.

According to court paperwork, the impact threw Stanley into the air and caused her to land 50 feet from where she was hit. She later died at the hospital from her injuries, police say.

Gandues stayed at the scene and was treated and released from the hospital for minor injuries.

According to police, he has been charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter. Records show Gandues had been arrested before for DWI and pleaded guilty to DWAI in July 2019.

Gandues is an employee but did not say in what role he serves, the Rochester City School District said. According to the district, Gandues has been placed on leave.