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Parents get kids back on school routine



Rochester, New York – Parents are getting their kids ready to go back to their daily routine, as they head back to the classroom on Tuesday.

Before getting set in their regular school routines, parents were getting one last summer fun activity.

As families get ready to go back to school and back into their routines, parents are squeezing in the last bit of fun at the floating museum out at the Port of Rochester. “My dad was in the Navy and so he always, he really loves the old boats and so the springs back a lot of wonderful memories for them and they used to go every year,” said Bay Trail Middle School parent Ann Marie Scorsone.

Scorsone has twin girls heading back to school in a couple of days, and she said while it’s fun to enjoy the final summer activities it’s important to get kids back on a routine as soon as possible. “We started it last week because it was two weeks beforehand,” said Scorsone. “Especially at middle school it is really important, they have been wilding all summer long and we have done some camps and whatnot but we are trying to get back into a regular kind of flow of things. In bed by 10:30, phones off by nine.”

A lack of sleep in students could lead to attention, behavior, and learning problems in school, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

They recommend for school-aged kids get anywhere between 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

According to Paul Phillips, he kept his kids on an altered routine so that they wouldn’t be too thrown off when school came back around. “During the summer my kids have a routine for doing chores around the house. Getting up and getting dressed, we want to make sure that even though we may not be going anywhere during the day that they are still dressed for the day, have brushed teeth, and have the same kind of routine as during the school year just a little bit more relaxed, a little bit slower paced in the morning,” said Phillips, “But I think that routine is very important.”

While their kids enjoyed fun summer activities, they are ready to get back to school, both parents said.