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Owner of abandoned pet rescue arrested after exotic animals were rescued



Rochester, New York – Following the discovery of over 23 abandoned animals in subpar conditions, the former proprietor of an exotic pet rescue has been placed under arrest.

Prior to his eviction from the Sibley Building, Chester Miles, 29, was the proprietor of Miles Exotic Pet Rescue from that location.

The neglect of the animals at that facility was brought to the attention of Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement in April. When property management called investigators on April 12, they discovered that the animals had been abandoned without adequate heat or water sources.

Along with three bearded dragons, two iguanas, many snakes, a sulcata tortoise, four geckoes, some bunnies, and rats, investigators discovered five dead fish. Upon examination, it was discovered that the animals were not in good health. A red-tailed boa had to be put to sleep, and one rabbit passed away from malnourishment.

After being evicted, Miles was accused of leaving the animals there. Six charges of failing to give adequate nourishment were brought against him. For each charge, he may get a $1,000 fine in addition to a year in jail. On June 6, 2024, he will be arraigned at Rochester City Court.

A large number of the animals who made it through were given to Lollypop Farm, and some of them were adopted. The remaining animals are being cared for and will be detained until court.