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NYSAC points to shortfalls, calling for Congress to act: Massive cuts, tax increases likely if deal not reached



As Congress inches closer to a COVID relief bill – leaders from the New York Association of Counties says its time for relief as municipalities stare down a bleak future.

While cuts may not have been imminent in budgets that were passed this fall – if federal aid does not arrive in New York soon – the reality will be significant cuts across the board.

Deputy Director Mark LaVigne spoke with Finger Lakes News Radio about the progress. “We’re almost to Christmas and we’re fighting the same fight,” he said, speaking to the length of time at which his group has been on the frontlines of the political battle for relief.

There’s now three major issues facing municipalities in New York. A $2 billion sales tax revenue shortfall, over $600 million in reimbursement cuts, and increases in demand for social services.