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NYC Reports Uptick in Positive COVID-19 Cases Days Before Indoor Dining Return



Positive COVID-19 test rates rose to 1.93 percent on Monday, heightening concerns about a possible second shutdown in NYC. Gov. Andrew Cuomo attributed the rise primarily to new clusters that have been identified in Brooklyn. He also noted upticks in positive cases in Rockland and Orange Counties in the Hudson Valley.

Mayor Bill de Blasio previously said that if the rate of positive cases went above 2 percent in the city, he would reconsider allowing restaurants to return to indoor dining. Currently, restaurants are slated to reopen their dining rooms tomorrow at 25 percent capacity.

Earlier in the month, Gov. Cuomo said that he’d be “nervous” at reaching a 2 percent positivity rate, while a 3 percent positivity rate would be cause for alarm, according to the Times. On Tuesday, he reiterated that, for now, NYC wasn’t “at the point of rolling back anything.”

In a separate press conference on Tuesday, de Blasio confirmed that indoor dining will go ahead tomorrow, and clarified that the city may reevaluate the decision if positive test rates go above three percent on a rolling seven-day average.