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New York

Newburgh Named 1 Of The Safest Small Cities In America



NEWBURGH, NY — Newburgh was named one of the safest small communities in America by personal finance website MoneyGeek.

According to MoneyGeek, it started by using research from the National Institutes of Health to quantify the costs of crimes by type. It then applied that analysis to 989 small communities across the country — those with 30,000 to 100,000 residents — to find which were the safest. Newburgh, with a population of 31,128, ranked 146th across the nation.

According to MoneyGeek, the cost of crime in Newburgh is $214 per capita. The median cost of crime per capita for small cities is $500.

The safest small town in America according to MoneyGeek’s study is Franklin, Massachusetts, which has a per capita crime cost of just $12. The safest city in New York is Carmel, which has a per capita cost of $40 and is ranked third nationally. It’s followed by Yorktown, with a cost of $54, and a national ranking of 5.