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New York to follow CDC’s updated COVID-19 isolation guidance



Rochester, New York – The CDC has updated its COVID-19 isolation guidelines four years after the virus shut down most of the world. The five-day home isolation period for those who test positive for the virus is no longer required. Rather, when you’ve had no fever for 24 hours, the CDC advises you to resume your regular activities.

This regulation modification is the first COVID guidelines revision by the agency since 2021.

The New York State Department of Health declared on Friday that it will abide by the new guidelines issued by the CDC.

Experts advise people to handle COVID-19 with common sense even despite CDC guidelines.

“If you are sick stay home. Stay home until you are feeling better for about 24 hours,” said Kate Ott, Ontario County’s Health Director. “I think what the CDC is saying makes very good sense, but it does not negate the risk of transmission.”

Ott also recommends cleaning your hands and maintaining personal space.

It is nevertheless advised that you get checked if symptoms appear if you are over 65 or perhaps immunocompromised.

“If you have older folks in your family, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or people who have auto-immune illnesses or have had a transplant…these are some of the folk now that could really get severely ill from any of these viruses,” cautioned Ott.

Strong and Highland hospitals declared that their present five-day isolation requirement will not be altered by the new policy.