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New York

New York sending millions of at-home COVID-19 test kits to schools



New York – According to Gov. Kathy Hochul, during the latest surge of the pandemic, she’s committed to keeping schools in New York open.

Any county can now institute the Test-to-Stay policy that involves allowing students who are not vaccinated to come back to school with regular testing after having close contact with a confirmed positive case, Hochul said.

The state will send millions of at-home test kits to schools in order to help. Tests will be sent home with students when a classmate tests positive.

“Ordinarily they would have been sent home for a long period of time,” said Hochul. “And even then, they go back, someone tests positive the next week, they’re sent home again. This is so disruptive to their education as well as the parents who have been desperately been trying to get back to a normal life, get back to their jobs. And the lack of child care has been just another area of friction for these families that really have been hit so hard.”

According to Hochu, the state is working on the supply chain to make sure those tests are readily available.