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New York

New York Lottery published the wrong Mega Ball number



Albany, New York — On Wednesday, The New York State Lottery announced that they published the wrong Mega Ball number on Tuesday.

According to the agency, a division of the New York State Gaming Commission, the correct numbers for the May 10 drawing are 15-19-20-61-70, with the Mega Ball 9.

Take a look at the Lottery’s statement:

After the May 10, 2022 Mega Millions drawing, human error resulted in the incorect [sic] input of the winning numbers in New York State, resulting in an incorrect publishing of the Mega Ball number. The New York Lottery is actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The Lottery has temporarily suspended prize payments for all Mega Millions tickets and all Mega Millions players should hold on to their tickets for the May 10, 2022 drawing until the issue is resolved.

They incorrectly posted the numbers with 6 as the Mega Ball number on Tuesday.

The jackpot was estimated at $86 million.