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New York

New York bottle and can deposit to increase to 10 cents



New York – According to environmental groups, it’s time to update the laws surrounding plastic and glass bottle recycling.

Advocates are asking for Governor Kathy Hochul and the state legislature to expand the 1982 law requiring a 5 cent deposit on select bottles and cans to include more types.

According to environmental groups, they want to see the refundable deposit increased to 10 cents.

Even though there’s no technical difference between an iced tea bottle and one that holds soda, non-carbonated drinks are currently not included in the returnable category.

“The only difference is that this soda container is carbonated and this iced tea is not carbonated,” said Judith Enck, a former EPA Region 2 administrator. “Well the environment doesn’t care whether it’s carbonated or not.”

According to environmental groups, the bottle bill enacted in 1982 has reduced roadside litter by 70%. Expanding it would further reduce littering in New York, advocates said.