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New music room at World of Inquiry School



Rochester, New York – A school in Rochester that received a gift from a renowned musician four years ago, on Friday, gave its thanks.

In 2018 the “Keeping the Blues Alive” foundation, which was started by Joe Bonamassa, created the “Round-Up For Music” fundraiser.

With $10,000 worth of new music equipment, the program filled several music classrooms.

At a special ceremony in 2018, the music room was named the Joe Bonamassa Music Room.

One of those classrooms was here in Rochester at the World of Inquiry School. According to Benjamin Rybolt, a music teacher at the school, this has given students a unique music education experience.

“It just lets us bring more opportunities to students in the building outside of what you might typically see in school music programs,” Rybolt said. “So for students to be able to play more popular music — more vernacular music — and learn an instrument that they can take with them outside of school when they finish up.”