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New Gates Business Sells Pallets Full of Liquidated Merchandise



GATES, N.Y. — A new business in Gates is selling pallets of liquidated merchandise.

Rochester Pallets is a wholesaler that buys about 26 pallets full of liquidated merchandise every week to resell to the general public.

A month ago Jessica Bartlett didn’t even know how to maneuver a forklift. She does now after opening Rochester Pallets at Elmgrove Park in Gates. This former accountant is now a full-time wholesaler.

“I was always looking like maybe there is somewhere local I can go grab a pallet and flip it on the weekends and there was just nowhere in Rochester that I could go so that’s kind of how this came about” said Bartlett.

Bartlett buys pallets full of retail overstocks, shelf pulls, customer returns, and sometimes there’s brand new products in the pallets she resells. Keep in mind, she was doing this out of her garage for about a year and a half.

“The ones I’ve been getting are coming direct from the retailers warehouse so they haven’t been picked through or touched and customers really really like that. That is kind of the fun of it. They do not know what is on there either. When they buy it there could be anything in there so it is pretty cool. They buy something from me and hopefully they are saving money or making money so it is just really cool. It is kind of like Christmas on pallet day,” said Bartlett.

The pallets are priced from $150-$1000. If you’d like to check out the inventory, Rochester Pallets is open Monday through Friday 2 to 7 and Saturday and Sunday 12 to 5 at 150 Elmgrove Park in Gates just off Route 531. You can check out their Facebook here.