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New Focus Theater location opened at Mercantile on Main



Rochester, New York – On Friday, the Focus Theater – Rochester’s comedy theater and training center – held an opening ceremony to celebrate its new location.

The theater was originally located on South Wedge before its closure due to the pandemic.

The new theater is now located at Sibley Square’s Mercantile on Main. The theater features a big performance space, 90 seats, and a learning laboratory.

According to Robert Sutphen, a business manager, and partner of Plex Theater Productions LLC, the move was crucial to getting the business running again.

“It’s bigger, it’s closer to where the action is downtown. We’re a little bit off the beaten path,” Sutphen said. “In fact four years ago when we tried to get it — at the Fringe Festival — they told us we were out of their districts, so we couldn’t even come on as a venue. This year they did open it up to a lot of other spots, but we decided when we could move and did move — we’d get into the heart of things.”

The theater will have shows Friday and Saturday nights and will host night classes at the learning laboratory on Monday through Thursday.