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New audio solutions for hearing-impaired community



Rochester, New York — On Sunday, Dome Audio celebrated the launch of ‘OneSound’, a device that fosters diversity and inclusion for a community that has been overlooked.

Dome Audio is the IP developer of the world`s first, triple-patented, 4D fidelity, surreal sound, bone conduction headphone technology that delivers an unprecedented listening experience to users.

Members were joined by those from the hard of hearing community as well as faculty and staff members from Rochester Institute of Technology`s National Institute for the Deaf.

“So I would just want people to experience truly with Dome Audio and the spirit that we have infused into our product and to be able to move a community of people who have been challenged because of the lack of innovation with headphones,” said Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Dome Audio, Timothy Wright. “And so we’re really inspired to be able to bring this experience to the folks and allow them to not only hear the music but feel the music in a way that they never have before.”

The event was hosted at Viticulture Wine Bar by Dome Audio in Rochester.