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More than 70 reports of a fireball over Rochester Wednesday afternoon



ROCHESTER, NY  — According to the American Meteor Society, between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm there were dozens of reports came in from all across the Great Lakes of a fireball. Reports were from as far as Michigan, far Western New York, Ohio, Southern Ontario, Virginia, and Maryland. The reports submitted showed the fireball lasted from about one to five seconds. The AMS calculates a potential trajectory based on the observations submitted that goes directly over Rochester.

One of the closest witnesses was Kevin Z, who was in Batavia at the time. His remarks were “It had a very bright trail, characteristic to meteor burning.” See the reports here.

Fireballs are defined as very bright meteors and can occur day or night. If you see a fireball, you can report it here. News 8 received an eyewitness account from Jeri Laird, who said she witnessed one while driving along Route 19.