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New York

Monroe County is awaiting more monkeypox vaccines from state



Rochester, New York — According to Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza, Monroe County hasn’t received any new monkeypox vaccines from the state since two weeks ago.

There have been at least six confirmed cases of monkeypox in Monroe County and all cases were found in people traveling from outside the county, Mendoza said.

The Monroe County Health Department hosted its first monkeypox vaccine clinic on July 25 to distribute 600 of the first dose in a two-vaccine series.

According to Mendoza, he is committed to ensuring people get both their doses within the recommended time. However, he hasn’t yet received an update on when new vaccines will arrive. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office is trying to get more vaccines from the federal government. “We have plans in place to rapidly administer the vaccine when it becomes available and we are eagerly awaiting for that day to come,” Mendoza said.

He said that monkeypox cases could increase as students travel to the region once colleges are back in session.

The monkeypox virus spreads through prolonged and close skin-to-skin contact, including hugging, kissing, sharing bedding, and sharing clothing. People of any sexual orientation can become infected with monkeypox but sexually active gay men are at the highest risk.