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Mixed reaction in Rochester area as President Biden signs new executive order



Rochester, New York – President Joe Biden signed an executive order to preserve abortion rights just two weeks after the negation of Roe v. Wade.

According to some, the executive order signed Friday is a big win, but not everyone is on board with the president’s choice in going against the Supreme Court.

Calling on federal lawmakers to step up and help protect abortion access for those that seek it, Arev Lima Boudakian helped organize an abortion rights rally in Pittsford Friday.

According to her, the president’s recent executive order is a huge step toward protecting reproductive rights but said there is still more that needs to be done. “I think there need to be codified laws that protect abortion and everything else that Roe v. Wade stood for, which was healthcare security and privacy,” said Lima Boudakian.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, in Fairport Friday, praising President Biden for taking this step towards protecting reproductive rights. “I appreciate his efforts to do whatever he can with the power he has the power to do,” said Hochul, “People come up to me on the streets or are calling my office or talking to me on subways or any event I’m going to, this is the number one issue people are talking about because there’s still a shockwave that’s been rolling across this country.”

She urges federal lawmakers to exercise their power in protecting reproductive rights. “The real power comes from Congress, the legislature. The House and the Senate should pass legislation that can come to his desk without the threat of a filibuster,” said Hochul, “That’s the challenge you face when you want to get something done with the current composition in the Senate.”

According to activists who are against abortion, like Dorothy Hayes, the president’s executive order is an abuse of his power. “I hope that it will be brought back to the states and that this will not go anywhere because I think it’s an important discussion for Americans to have, state by state. This is something that we are talking about, the rights of an individual,” said Hayes. “Not only just of the mother but of the unborn.”

The executive order does not overrule the Supreme Court’s decision. It merely publicly acknowledges the president’s opinion on expanding abortion access.