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Lollypop Farm awarded custody of most of 120 dogs rescued from Rochester home



Victor, New York – The majority of the 120 dogs who were saved in Rochester’s Maplewood area last month are under the care of the Humane Society of Rochester.

On April 16, the animals were removed from a house on Leopard Street that was being used for hoarding.

There is a current inquiry going on, and it is unclear if the homeowner will be prosecuted.

All but two of the dogs were given complete custody on May 10th, at which point Lollypop could begin the process of getting them ready for adoption.

“So now that we have custody, we start sending them through our clinic again to get spays and neuters, make sure they’re all up to date on everything they need and are ready to go to a good home,” said Vicky Pape, the director of animal placement at Lollypop Farm.

The shelter is caring for the two dogs that are left, but they are not yet available for adoption.

“We do have to wait before we can do anything like make them available because it is up to the court case and the judge at this point,” said Pape.

The canines are also being seen by a behavior specialist; many of them had fur matted with pee and excrement.

“These guys have been through a lot and the world is big and new to them,” explained Pape. “So, loud noises make them a little nervous. So, they’re going to need particular homes that are ready to give them a little time, a little bit of patience.”

To sustain the 120 rescues, Lollypop has been dependent on donations from the public. Donations are constantly needed for Lollypop Farm.

“They have donated funds, donated blankets, donated towels, crates, and dog food, and we really couldn’t do anything without our community,” Pape said.

She hopes that as additional puppies become available for adoption and foster care, the support will continue.

“You’re going to be expecting they’re not potty trained yet,” said Pape. “They’re learning to trust people. So, going slow. But we’re going to provide you with all the help you need to make both of you successful.”