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New York

Langworthy and Della Pia are undecided about whether Trump and Biden should run in 2024.



Buffalo, New York – In the NY-23 Congressional debate on Tuesday, when asked if they would back the most recent presidential candidates if they ran again in 2024, both Nick Langworthy (R) and Max Della Pia (D) remained ambivalent.

Della Pia said on President Biden, “I don’t think I should be making that decision for him. I think he has gotten a lot done since he has been in office, and I am proud of his record.”

When asked directly if he would support a Biden run for re-election in 2024, Della Pia responded, “I’m not sure” and offered no other explanation.

Langworthy said on Trump: “Personal choice by President Trump. He has to decide if he wants to open his life up to another campaign.”

However, when questioned about perhaps endorsing a Trump candidacy for president in 2024, Langworthy, who has previously been a fervent backer of Trump, likewise remained evasive.

“I have been a supporter of President Trump’s and I continue to have a great relationship with him but I don’t deal in theoreticals. If he becomes the candidate, we will have a conversation about that,” Langworthy said.

Trump did not support Langworthy or Carl Paladino in the primary election in August.

The election is scheduled for November 8. Beginning on October 29, early voting runs through November 6.