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Increased police presence will be the answer to Senseless acts of violence in Ithaca



Ithaca, New York – According to the Ithaca Police Department, it will be taking steps to respond to an ‘uptick’ in violent crime that’s been happening on the west side of the city.

As part of that effort – increased patrols. “There have been increased patrols in the recent weeks which include directed patrols and an assigned patrol,” IPD said in an update to the community.

“The increased violence has led to a special detail. This detail will include investigators, patrol officers, and members of the NY State Police Community Stabilization Unit.”

Mayor Svante Myrick and Acting Chief John Joly addressed the uptick in violence and patrols in a statement released by the city.

“The goal of this detail will be to not only deter crime but also address the concerns of the residents and maintain a significant presence ready to intervene or respond rapidly to acts of violence,” Joly said.

The additional presence in the West End will be visible and interacting with neighborhood residents.

“Senseless acts of violence have no place in our city. The Ithaca Police Department is committed to preventing violence in the City of Ithaca, and this newest initiative will focus on the west end. To be successful, we need the community to also support our efforts by cooperating with investigators and using our anonymous tip line to report any information that may help prevent violence in our city,” Myrick added.

In order for members of the community to share tips that can help with open investigations, as well as prevent future crimes, police shared basic contact information.