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Increase in car thefts across Monroe County



Monroe County, New York — Thursday the Monroe County Association of Chiefs of Police issued a warning about a countywide trend of stolen vehicles.

Investigators have seen an increase in vehicle thefts across the county since July, according to the police.

Police added that three separate types of thefts have been happening locally:

• Suspects forcing victims out of their cars by threatening them with a gun or knife

• Residential homes entered through an unlocked door or window, with suspects searching for car keys left on countertops or near doors

• Residential neighborhoods targeted by groups of 3-6 teens at night, who enter unlocked vehicles and steal any cars left with keys inside

According to police, residents should leave lights on outside their homes at night, keep cars locked, keep house doors and windows locked, and surrender if confronted with a weapon or threat of force. Police advise residents, not to leave spare keys or any firearms in a parked vehicle.

Police ask anyone who sees a car dome light on in the middle of the night — or anyone who sees people checking cars and walking up and down driveways — to quietly call 911 and provide as much information as possible.