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In just six months, “Tool Shed” saved $50K and 2 tons of garbage



Rochester, New York — The Southeast Area Coalition, a nonprofit organization in Rochester, launched “the tool shed” six months ago and celebrated its success on Tuesday.

The location is at 1255 University Avenue on Rochester’s lower level.

There are almost 700 tools in the shed, including saws, hand tools, and lawn and garden equipment. The entirety of it is viewable on their website. The tenant visits the Tool Shed after discovering an item on the property and leases it out. Any Greater Rochester Area resident may rent a tool.

Since most people who conduct home repairs or other chores only need an expensive tool once, the system and service were created to help consumers save some money.

“We have saved Rochesterians around $50,000-plus in what would have been in tool costs or rentals which is such a fast-growing number,” said Nick Wilbur with SEAC. “And we’ve saved them 2 tons of landfill waste, approximately.”

And now, six months later, the Tool Shed is such a hit that they are introducing DIY seminars on home improvement, maintenance, and even financial literacy.

They also debuted “SEACing it Out,” a new show, on Tuesday. Members can obtain discounts at neighborhood eateries, pubs, shops, services, and more for $25 per year. There are 11 companies in Rochester that are currently on the list.

If you want to donate a tool, volunteer, or sign up for the Tool Shed or SEACing it Out, you can do so here.