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New York

Gov. Hochul defends her mask mandate



New York – Prompting resistance from some county leaders across the state, the mask mandate went into effect on Monday.

At a briefing on Tuesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul defended her mask mandate.

“I encourage the counties to do this, but this is also up to individuals. Individuals are asked to follow regulations and laws. This isn’t extraordinary. This is one more area where we hope and anticipate there will be compliance,” she said.

Many county leaders are saying that their health departments and law enforcement would not enforce the mandate.

“I’m doing everything I can to protect people in the pandemic. Every other elected official or incoming elected official can make their own determination and will have accountability next time around, as well,” Hochul said.

According to Hochul, this is to keep businesses open. The mandate requires businesses, venues, and all indoor public places must either require their patrons and staff to wear masks or implement a proof of vaccination requirement.

Hospitalizations have gone up 70% since Thanksgiving. According to Hochul, 30% of New Yorkers have not been fully vaccinated.
“This is the crisis of the unvaccinated,” she said. Hochul also reported a 2% increase of vaccinations since Thanksgiving.