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Golisano Children’s Hospital with COVID-19 cases among its patients



Rochester, New York — According to officials from Golisano Children’s Hospital, about four to seven patients there are positive for the virus.
It’s an increase of two to three from a few months ago but not enough to indicate a trend.

According to Associate Professor of Pediatrics Stephen Cook, the hospital is seeing common respiratory illnesses like influenza.

Cook says he thinks the country may be at a turning point where there are so many infections with the omicron variant that experts track hospitalizations and not positive cases.

“That’s something we have to look at,” said Cook. “Is that going to be a more valuable indicator? Because that is where kind of the push in where the stress and strain of still the original goal to try and suppress the curve, flatten the curve so we don’t overwhelm the health system and we can treat everyone who needs treatment when they need it as urgently as possible.”

At this time, Golisano Children’s Hospital is only allowing parents or legal guardians of patients to visit.