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Geneva Housing Authority deals with trash removal issues



Geneva, New York – The waste removal service provider led The Geneva Housing Authority (GHA) to choose a new provider, but they find that the new one did not have a license to pick up trash in the city.

This comes after GHA CEO Andy Tyman realized Casella Waste Systems was missing pickups at GHA’s Courtyard complex.

Since Casella failed to address the issue, Tyman cut Casella’s service contract at the Courtyard complex and replaced them with Geneva-based Nardozzi Companies, a construction company that provides commercial trash hauling, but the trouble wasn’t over. Nardozzi, it turns out, did not have the necessary license to pick up garbage in the city.

So there and back again, Tyman resorted to hiring Casella for the Courtyard complex once more.

According to Finger Lakes Health’s Geneva General Hospital, they found themselves in a similar situation with Nardozzi and had to sever ties with the unlicensed trash removal service as well.

The Geneva City Council has been in talks about the possibility of handing out more hauling licenses.

Now, the majority of councilors appear to be in support of adding more haulers to the current five. Some also expressed support for a work session regarding the issue.

Others like Ward 3’s Jan Regan and Ward 1’s Tom Burrall warned councilors to consider the implications of revoking licenses.