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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is sued by a NY woman for sexual harassment



A woman from New York is suing Rudy Giuliani, who used to be mayor of New York City, for sexual harassment.

A summons filed Wednesday in New York Supreme Court says that Noelle Dunphy called Giuliani “a sexist sexual predator and abuser” in the lawsuit. As part of a civil case against Giuliani, several of his businesses, and 10 other people, she wants a jury trial and $3.1 million in damages.

The Daily Beast says that Dunphy, who is 43 years old, said that she started doing “business development work and other work” for Giuliani and his companies in 2019 and continued to do so until 2021. She said he “sexually harassed” her, asked for sexual favors, and made a lot of racist and antisemitic comments during that time. She also said he “abused alcohol” because he was going through a divorce and had a lot of work as a lawyer for President Trump at the time.

Dunphy says that Giuliani fired her in 2021 without giving her a lot of money and that he threatened her to keep quiet about their relationship. Dunphy, who is representing herself, told The Daily Beast that she started dating Giuliani when he was her boss.

“It’s scary to try to get justice from a powerful man. “Rudy is so scary that even many lawyers are afraid to take him on,” she said. “I can’t keep quiet for much longer.”

An attorney for Giuliani, 78, denied the “slanderous allegations” and told the Daily Beast that Dunphy “never worked for any Giuliani entity.”

Dunphy’s website says that she has a degree from Columbia University and has worked at ABC News, as a model, and in business development. She has also written for newspapers and magazines like The New York Daily News, Newsday, The Columbia Spectator, and The Norwood Bulletin.