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Food drive for Buffalo held in Flower City Union



Rochester, New York – After last week’s mass shooting on the city’s East Side Flower City Union hosted a food drive before their match Saturday to benefit Buffalo.

In an effort to supply the community with quality food after the shooting caused the store to be closed, the team collected nonperishable items to be delivered out to Buffalo.

This was done to make sure those who were impacted by the tragedy won’t need to travel far to feed their family. “Kind of the back story of that Tops market is that their community is rooted in that Tops. It’s the main food source for that area,” said Nina Korn, director of marketing and general content for Flower City Union. “So that really kind of hits home and realizing we had to do something a little bit bigger than making a statement. This way, we can have a presence, even though we’re from Rochester.”

The team had a collection bin at the gates of the stadium to drop off items and fans brought in piles of fruits, vegetables, canned meats, and other non-perishable items. “I just hope that it goes to the right people,” said Scott Brickman, a fan who donated to the food drive. “Just some pasta, some canned goods, some juices that were on the list. I just hope it gets to the right place.”

“I think we should be pulling together as a country,” said Flower City Union fan Laurie Miller. “We’re all one so we all should be treated the same and there shouldn’t be any hatred out there. We should all fight against it.”