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Food and Drug Administration warns of Adderall shortage



Rochester, New York – This week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that there is a shortage of Adderall and issued a warning that producers cannot fulfill demand on the U.S. market at the present rate of manufacturing.

Despite the fact that a number of manufacturers continue to produce and supply Adderall and its generic alternatives, the FDA stated in its notice that major pharmaceutical businesses are currently coping with problems that are impacting their manufacturing.

The medication known as Adderall, which is the brand name for combined amphetamine salts, is frequently used for narcolepsy and ADHD. In its notice, the FDA noted that “alternative therapy” existed for these illnesses and suggested that individuals consult with a medical expert to choose the ideal course of action.

Since at least August, Teva Pharmaceuticals, the main provider of Adderall in the United States, has experienced supply difficulties. The FDA on Wednesday said the company was “experiencing ongoing intermittent manufacturing delays.”

There is a dearth of Adderall 5 mg bottles containing 100 tablets at Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, a Purdue Pharma affiliate. The FDA’s post cites a “shortage of active component” as the cause of the lack of availability.

Teva informed Bloomberg in early August that problems at one production location were to blame for the shortfall. At the time, the firm issued a warning that these disruptions would result in shortages heading into the fall, and it would appear that this is exactly what happened.

The majority of Teva’s mixed amphetamine salts medicines are currently on backorder, and the majority of stocks won’t be replenished until March 2023.