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Fleet Feet plans Halloween 5K after inventory loss in warehouse fire



Rochester, New York – Race must continue. After a warehouse fire destroyed all of its inventory, Fleet Feet adopted that attitude. The “Pumpkins in the Park” event will still be held the following weekend by the Rochester-based running group, but it might be a little different this time around.

“You know we’re just picking up the pieces, and we have to proceed, so that’s exactly what we’re doing so we’re doing ok, we’re doing ok,” Ellen Brenner said, owner of Fleet Feet.

The business is one of many that are still bouncing back after a warehouse fire that occurred only a week ago.

For the first time since the fire, Brenner took a stroll inside the warehouse. She claims that Fleet Feet had one of the largest spaces and that she could see fragments of her belongings dispersed all over the place. She claims that since Pumpkins in the Park will be the group’s first gathering following the fire, they are looking forward to it.

“I did not expect to see what I saw. There’s a disc cone, there is a lid to one of our areas, there’s a bucket, and some weights that are ours, but interestingly what was left, was volunteer shirts,” Brenner said.

To witness chunks of Fleet Feet mingled with the wreckage from a nearby warehouse fire, according to Brenner, was “surreal.”

“We lost everything, from finish line structures to timing mats, to tents, to food, and soda and bottled water.”

But just because you lose doesn’t mean the game is done. Fleet Feet always has a strategy for success, and the organization’s Halloween race is still scheduled.

“We got a brand new finish line, which will be two tall Frankensteins, and then two big tall black cats for the kids to go through. We’re going to have pumpkins as usual hopefully we can get those from the city and we’re just doing it,” Brenner said with optimism.

The incident occurs right before Fleet Feet has back-to-back races, including the Eggnog Jog and the Dirt Cheap Stage Race in November. They won’t skip a beat, Ellen promises.

“We’re going to try and make the same experience for everyone. We still have medals, the kids are still going to get their goodie bags, so it will still be festive events.”

According to Brenner, the local response has been tremendous. Attending its races, according to her, is the finest way to support Fleet Feet right now! Next weekend is Pumpkins in the Park; there is still time to sign up. Costumes are encouraged!