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Fitness Industry Works to Rebound in Greece



GREECE, N.Y. — Fitness centers are working hard to rebound following the six-month COIVD-19 shutdown. Small, independent gyms and large franchise fitness centers are hoping more members return and new clients get in, get active, and stay active.

Fitness centers look a little different these days. There’s a whole lot of cleaning going on and everyone is wearing a face covering.

Blink Fitness in Greece opened for business just a couple of months before the shutdown in March. Since re-openingin August, it’s been so far so good. Ninety-percent of its membership is back.

“We allowed people to freeze memberships. We did not bill anybody for six months, and that is very difficult only being open for two months, but we just wanted to do right by our members and let them know that Blink is ready when you are,” said JJ Potrikus of Blink Fitness.

Jasmine Vazquez of Greece was ready and waiting. She was back at the gym pretty much the day it reopened.

“As soon as I receive my email for my trainer he said ‘hey, it’s your favorite person and we are open.’ I just jumped right in. I was waiting for it, so I am happy,” said Vazquez.

Paul Grugnale said it’s more crowded at the grocery store. He’s comfortable working out at the gym three times a week.

For all your couch potatoes, personal trainer Mike Stanbrough says returning to a workout or starting one for the first time will make you feel better.

“Showing up is the hardest part,” said Stanbrough. “If you show up take it one day at a time and even just go for walks outside. Just go for walks and get your body moving in amazing things will happen if you just move your body and just take it one day at a time.”

Blink Fitness is open seven days a week, 365 days a year.