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First Responders Spotlight: Cat stuck in car engine rescued by Gates Police



GATES, N.Y. — When a cat got caught in a car engine last week, it was Gates Police Officer Michael Ludolph to the rescue.

Officer Ludolph has served with the Gates Police Department for almost 20 years. He is being honored this week for his efforts in rescuing the cat (pictured below) when the little fellah got caught in a car.

“The lady said she got to where she was going and heard a cat squealing from the car. It was in a spot where we couldn’t get it. It was in a hot plate in front of the location, so there was just no way to get it out,” says Ludolph.

Ludolph carefully took the car down the road to the pros at Monro Muffler.

“They were more than happy to help us and they pulled off the skid plate on the bottom and took the cat out. Actually had two employees fighting over who was going to keep it. It was a job well done,” he says.

Chief James Vanbrederode says all the men and women in blue on his team, do things like this daily. He’s hoping Ludolph will share his sweet surprise from Dunkin’ with everyone here.

“This is what community policing looks like right here. As we talk about ‘re-imagining’ what law enforcement should look like, this is exactly what it is, coming up with solutions to people’s problems, and that’s what we do every day,” says the Chief.

Officer Ludolph reminds everyone in the Rochester region as the colder weather sets in, stray animals look for warm places to spend the night. Your car engine is a prime hot spot. Take care when starting your car. There could be a furry friend tucked inside.

“If you’re starting up your car and you hear any type of noise, strange noise, get out and take a look,” he says.

It’s not clear which member of the Monro Auto Service team took the cat home, but we’re told the animal is safe.