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Finding summer relief along waterways in and around Rochester



ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The water has been a very popular place for folks to hang around during these challenging times and we are blessed to have so many terrific waterways in our region.

I have been really digging the Erie Canal, more so than usual, so I began my Tuesday at 6 a.m. where I was joined by a family of ducks for a calming canal start.

From there I went down to Ontario County, to the south edge of Canadice Lake. If you want to enjoy a Finger Lake in its purest form, go enjoy a kayak ride on this undeveloped gem — Canadice Lake is as good as it gets.

Then back to the Erie Canal for a cool capture from the other day.

A canal, a creek and a cascading waterfall: The Erie Canal, Oak Orchard Creek, and Medinal Falls.

This was in Orleans County, in Medina, where there is a wonderful path along the canal to bike or walk.