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Federal criminal complaint reveals inner workings of multimillion-dollar gambling ring in Rochester



Rochester, New York – A man involved in a large-scale gambling ring in Rochester reportedly urged his partner to be smart to avoid going to jail. This information comes from a federal criminal complaint, which includes details of an investigation that began in September 2020. An undercover officer had walked into an office suite on Blossom Road and observed rooms surrounded by gambling tables, televisions, and a minibar.

The criminal complaint, which spans 48 pages, reveals that the undercover officer took part in several illegal card games at 565 Blossom Road over the next seven months and placed bets on sporting events.

The bets were allegedly placed through an online sports betting site called, which was run by one of the defendants, Louis Ferrari. Ferrari had 16 sub-agents who managed 221 individual bettor accounts. Bettors would place bets through Ferrari or his co-conspirators before being placed on site on behalf of the bettors.

Ferrari generated over $1.2 million in winnings, while another defendant, Anthony Amato, generated nearly $9 million in winnings. The criminal complaint also reveals that Ferrari Excavating, a business owned by Louis Ferrari, paid many of its employees off the books with envelopes of cash.

Investigators found that Ferrari used over $600,000 from the gambling operation to pay his excavating company employees. Ferrari allegedly substituted legitimate business revenue with illegal gambling proceeds before paying the legitimate business revenue to himself. The 48-page criminal complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office reveals many other details of the alleged inner workings of this multimillion-dollar gambling ring.