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Family-Owned Sign Company Opens in Greece Despite Pandemic



A family-owned sign company is now open for business in Greece. It helps all kinds of businesses and organizations get recognized.

The Trippany Sign Company just opened in May on West Ridge Road. The family saw a business opportunity and went for it.

Michael Trippany isn’t afraid to take risks in business. He’s a partner and broker with WCI Realty. When he found out his long time signmaker, Vintage Lane Signs, planned to retire — he bought the business.

“That was on a Monday. On Tuesday I said, ‘let me buy it.’ On a Thursday we were shopping for space. On a Friday we were making signs so we literally jumped in within a week. We do a lot of sub work for other printing companies for things that they do not do. Printing companies get calls, ‘hey can you make stickers?’ Businesses who want to put logos on the sides of their cars and also branding on windows. We have done a lot of COVID stuff. Opportunity has been great for us,” said Michael.

His son Tyler, daughter Hailey, and wife Rosana help design and produce custom vinyl signs. The plan is to turn the business over to Tyler. He knows that the right graphics get recognized, promote business, sell products, and get people to a destination.

“They will give us a small idea and through that, we throw in our say and it will potentially grow into an actual picture and we print it out and put it on a sign for them for their business or family or whatever it might be. It is lots of hard work and I am putting in the hours for sure. I am looking forward to it seeing it grow and seeing where it goes and hopefully it will be a large business in Rochester,” said Tyler.

One can appreciate their entrepreneurial spirit during this pandemic. The Trippany Sign Company is located at 2450 West Ridge Road near Long Pond Road.