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New York

End of summer doesn’t mean end of boating season



Rochester, New York – Labor Day weekend marks the end of boating season, and for boat renters, the end of their busiest season.

“So we still are open we still are renting boats it’s just definitely going to be a little bit slower,” said Jordan Alger, co-owner of South Bay Marina.

South Bay Marina is busiest during the summer months like many other boat rental shops. But they are open through Sept. 30, so boaters still have a chance to squeeze in some last-minute trips. “It’s a whole mindset, you know, kids are back to school, footballs going, fall activities,” Alger said. “But it’s still a good time to get out on the water.”

Now that gas prices are going down, Alger hopes that will motivate boaters to hit the water and make up for some of that time they lost earlier in the summer. “I think it’s helping a lot of people out,” Alger said. “Some customers have definitely not taken boats out as much due to fuel prices. [For] most people that are boating, it’s a luxury item. So they’re actually going to spend a little bit more money. We do have customers that usually they’ll travel a little bit farther with their boats. So a lot of times they’ve been taking a lot shorter trips this year.”

So while summer may be coming to an end, the warm weather isn’t over quite yet, and Jordan Alger says that boating season doesn’t have to be either.

“It’s still going to be a great time to get on the water,” Alger said. “We have beautiful weekends in September. So it’s a good time to get on the bay and really take advantage of nature.”