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Emerald ash borer forces Cayuga State Park to cut down trees



New York – Due to an infestation of emerald ash borers, State park crews have been forced to cut down over a hundred ash trees at Cayuga Lake State Park.

The trees that have been cut down are in the west campsite area off Route 89, and there are plans to cut down another 120 trees.

According to Park Superintendent Rachael Bowman, the infestation started in 2019 and spread quickly. Bowman says they will plant some new ash trees to replace the ones being cut down, as well as some maples.

Emerald ash disease has affected about 20% of the park’s trees, according to Bowman.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, signs of emerald ash borer infestation include yellow, thin or wilted foliage, an unusual amount of woodpeckers around the trees, and the D-shaped exit holes made by the insects.

The disease can be controlled, but there is no cure.