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Efforts end to create a downtown Rochester business improvement district



Rochester, New York – For the time being at least, the drive to create a business improvement district in downtown Rochester has come to an end.

The news was made on Friday afternoon by the Partnership for Downtown Rochester, which stated that although efforts are being made to revive downtown, there is not enough backing from the City Council to create the BID.

To revitalize the city through marketing, sanitation, security upgrades, and beautification, the City Council approved the BID plan back in 2022.

Property owners fiercely opposed the idea, believing that the wealthy would control the process and refusing to pay more for those upgrades.

Another worry was that a BID would drive out small companies.

The declaration was made a week after a few council members and locals staged a demonstration demanding an end to the BID and a halt to property assessments.

Following more than 1,500 community involvement replies, Partnership for Downtown Rochester claims to have a better understanding of what people want from downtown, including more events, small businesses, and livability.

The group added that it is developing an alternative plan to develop a vibrant and friendly downtown Rochester.

Miguel Melendez, the president of the City Council, made a statement on Thursday regarding the conclusion of the bid process.

It’s crucial that we now come together as a community to determine a new direction — one that creates secure jobs, supports a strong school system, and promotes safety in our streets all while engaging and working with all the stakeholders who either call downtown home or engage in their livelihoods there. I’m challenging Downtown residents, the Downtown arts community, business owners, community leaders, and the City Administration to meet us at the table with ideas, plans, and dreams for a Downtown that fights for equity, offers opportunity to those who need it and creates a framework that will allow the center of the Flower City to blossom for everyone.

According to Partnership for Downtown Rochester, the Downtown Definitely series of events will go on, and the organization intends to work together on the city’s future.