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Donald Trump reveals plan to re-write US constitution by running for third term as president because he is ‘entitled to it’



Donald Trump caused confusion by announcing at a rally that he would be running for a third term, despite the US constitution preventing any one candidate from serving more than two terms.

Trump, who is currently losing to Democrat Joe Biden in the polls as he bids to clinch a second term in the Oval Office on November 3, ignored state regulations and his own administration’s guidelines on Sunday by hosting a rally in Nevada.

And while addressing the crowd he spoke about contesting the 2024 election if he beats Biden later this year.

He said: “52 days from now we’re going to win Nevada, and we’re gonna win four more years in the White House.

“And then after that, we’ll negotiate, right? Because we’re probably — based on the way we were treated — we are probably entitled to another four after that.”

It was a confusing statement as the Republican has previously stated he believes the eight-year term rule is ‘a good thing’.

Trump has recently drawn criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, protests against the police and the wildfires sweeping across California.

The US has been the worst-hit country by the pandemic with 6.7 million confirmed cases and nearly 200,000 deaths.

It was revealed last week by journalist Bob Woodward that Trump played down the seriousness of COVID-19 despite knowing it was ‘deadly’ because he did not want to ‘create panic’.

The president has also courted criticism after he took the side of the police following protests against the shooting of a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back on August 23 and has been left paralysed as a result.

But Trump was quoted as saying the response to the shooting was ‘not acts of peaceful protest, but really domestic terror’.

He added: “You have people (law enforcement) that choke. They are under tremendous pressure. And they may be there for 15 years and have a spotless record and all of a sudden they’re faced with a decision.

“They have a quarter of a second to make a decision. And if they make a wrong decision, one way or the other, they’re either dead or they’re in big trouble. And people have to understand that. They choke sometimes.”

The 74-year-old has also been lambasted for his lack of urgency to respond to the wildfires, which have killed dozens of people in California and Oregon.

The president is due to visit the area where the blazes are ravaging the west coast on Monday.