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New York

Detroit Pistons star returns to Rochester to host basketball camp



Rochester, New York – In order to hold his second basketball summer clinic at School No. 33 for youth and high school players, on Saturday, Detroit Pistons star Isaiah Stewart returned to his hometown of Rochester.

A big reason Isaiah Stewart wanted to come back to his old stomping grounds was he noticed the city dealing with crime spikes and wanted to show these children if they stay focused, they too can push through any trouble and achieve their dreams.

Isaiah Stewart gathered his old training team and local coaches to offer basketball players of all ages to learn new skills and plays. “Today we’re offering a lot to kids like the basketball and fitness part, but I’m also taking my time to talk to them and answer any questions that they have,” Stewart said.

“It definitely taught me resilience, like perseverance because all the practices have been so hard so I think getting through that can help me get through daily life,” Caydence Hadley, rising senior at Bishop Kearney, said.

Growing up in these same communities, Isaiah reflected on how basketball kept him on the right paths to success. And urged every player to do the same so they can achieve their ultimate dreams. “I grew up in some of the same neighborhoods so I know how bad the violence in Rochester is. Just want to let them know you don’t have to fall victim to the streets or any violence going on in the streets of Rochester. As long as you stay on the right paths, stick to your dreams and work hard,” Stewart said.

Players we spoke to were thrilled to ask Isaiah many questions about his journey and took advantage of these interactions to learn how they too can better themselves for a bright future. “I just want to be one of the greats like him because he’s from Rochester like me. His name carries high standards and I’m trying to get where he’s at,” East Ridge High School stident Jalonie Pittman said.

“It motivates me because he was just a kid from Rochester just like me. He made it and it’s inspiring that he’s giving back to the community by doing these camps and looking out for kids,” said Lashard Lowry, upcoming sophomore at Fairport High School.