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New York

Cuomo warns of another shutdown if hospitalizations in the state continue to rise



Governor Andrew Cuomo says Western New York is showing signs that it’s flattening as far as the daily positivity rate goes, but there are still around 526 people in area hospitals.

Cuomo says they’ll be watching Western New York closely.

He says it’s also the rest of the state they’re worried about with hospitalizations because if things don’t change they’re anticipating 11,000 people across the state could be hospitalized next month.

Cuomo says people are concerned over keeping their salons or gyms operating at 25% capacity but the focus should be elsewhere.

“That is not the real problem. That is not what you should worry about, what you should worry about is shutdown, because if we do not change the trajectory we could very well be headed to shutdown and shutdown is something to worry about,” Cuomo said.

A shutdown would be all non-essential businesses and services and will happen if an increase in cases and hospitalizations in any region shows that hospital capacity would reach 90% in three weeks.

Cuomo also announced today that the City of Niagara Falls and Lockport are now in a yellow cluster zone, as well as parts of Genesee County including Batavia.